"What was meant to destroy him... has led to his greatest opportunity." And in BOOK 2, he will face opposition! BOOK 2 launches June 23 2015!

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Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 Launches 6.23.15

Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 Launches June 23, 2015!

Get ready for the ride.


My friend Frank sent me an article, back in September, about an experimental jetpack being created to enable soldiers to run faster. When he told me about it, he said, “It looks like someone’s been reading your novel, Speedsuit Powers.” You can read the article here:


Now, I don’t know if someone at DARPA or at Arizona State University has actually read my novel. However, considering that my protagonist, Curtis Powers creates a jet-powered suit that enables him to run at incredible speeds, it’s not a stretch that perhaps someone has read the novel or watched my independent film adaptation, Speedsuit (or at least heard of them).

If you didn’t already know: Speedsuit Powers is a TRILOGY. And if everything goes according to plan, the second book will launch on April 21, 2015. Interestingly, in Book 2, one of the issues that is raised is whether Curtis’ inventions should be used for military use. (Book 2 will also address issues like: school bullying, fatherlessness, and decision making.)

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what kind of ‘running jetpack’ Arizona State U and DARPA can develop. Their current design looks promising. However, based on the research I did to design the suit for my character, I think my concept would be more efficient. Guess, I’m going to have to build a working model in 2015. And who knows… maybe ASU or DARPA will call me as a consultant.

Get Ready for the Launch. #SPBook2April2015

-Allen Paul Weaver III-


Here’s the synopsis for Book 2 of the Speedsuit Powers Trilogy. (Book 2 launches December 2014)

Finally. Part two of the story you’ve been waiting for…

Curtis and Treyshawn are two fatherless boys who struggle to navigate the world. Curtis seeks to build on the life lessons his father taught him. Treyshawn seeks to break down the walls his father put between them. As these boys transition into manhood, how will they survive?

At the start of ninth grade, Treyshawn bullied Curtis relentlessly! But, this motivated Curtis to create a hi-tech plan. With the help of his family, his best friend Kelly and others, that plan did more than anyone thought possible and changed everyone’s lives forever! In the process, the boys settled their differences and forged a friendship to help each other overcome the obstacles they faced. Their friendship led to the creation of the Mach-1 Speedsuit and earned them worldwide recognition.

Now, Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly are on a new adventure to further pursue their dreams: college. Their future seems sure, but they soon learn that opportunity often comes with opposition. The pressures they encounter cause them to question everything: Is Curtis fast enough to stop tragic events? Does Treyshawn really have his life under control? Will Kelly’s growing love for Curtis be challenged by his increasing fame?

As the answers to these questions unfold, Curtis, Treyshawn and Kelly discover: ‘When everyone isn’t for you, you still must press toward your destiny.’

School Bullying Prevention Help

On 2/23/14, I read a good article from Lancastereaglegazette.com on school bullying prevention advice for parents and students. It was written by Emily Maddern (from CentralOhio.com) and raises some great points: Signs your child is being bullied, Signs your child might be a bully, What students can do, and What parents can do.

You need to read this article if you are interested in the school bullying epidemic happening in this country (and around the world).


Here’s a key question/observation that came to my mind as I read the article:

The article states: “although countless nonprofit organizations and school programs have sprouted up to tackle the issue, it seems bullying is not going away.”

My question is: “Why is bullying not going away?” From observation it would seem bullying hasn’t significantly diminished because the root causes of the bullying equation aren’t being fully addressed. In many cases, schools and communities place a primary focus on tougher anti-bullying laws. While these laws may be helpful, they only serve as external motivators (or deterrents). This type of setup will only work to a point.

However, when motivation moves from external to being intrinsic within the individual, then a successful change lasts longer and is far more reaching to the community in which our young people live. In other words, while creating new laws, let us place an equal (or perhaps greater) focus on creating nurturing environments for ALL of our young people (bullied, bully, bystanders) that enable them to build their character, abilities and relationships.

Part of the bullying solutions equation has to include the development of a person’s self-perspective. When a person has a strong, positive view of self (who they are, their capabilities, how they relate to the world) then they have no need to bully or be manipulative. They also will be less likely to be bullied. But the question is: how do we help our young people achieve a positive empowered view of themselves?


This is something that is addressed in my Speedsuit Powers novels and movie. (Book 1 is already published. Book 2 releases this summer, and my Speedsuit Film is available to watch on Vimeo free for a limited time).

I also published an article last year on my blogs which addresses this issue in greater depth. It’s called Moving Beyond Bullying. Help spread the word. This epidemic can be won. I believe we can find bullying solutions which work for everyone.

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

Watch Speedsuit Movie Free Online

Originally, you could watch my independent film, SPEEDSUIT free online from December 23, 2013 to January 1, 2014. Due to the response, we are leaving the film up for a little while longer!

Here’s the link:


Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the movie!

-Speedsuit Powers Team-

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