"What was meant to destroy him... has led to his greatest opportunity." And in BOOK 2, he will face increased opposition! Get ready for the best summer read of 2014! Also, watch SPEEDSUIT on Vimeo free for a limited time.

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Note to educators and parents: While Speedsuit Powers is an urban story; it is a wholesome yet realistic read.  There’s no cursing, no sex and no gratuitous violence… It’s an epic adventure with complex characters who genuinely depict the realities of urban life without glorifying those negative aspects.


“This is a ‘must read’ book for all persons on all levels especially our youth who experience being bullied daily. This book does not contain any profanity and will keep you wide awake at night wondering what’s next! I have truly never read such an inspirational, motivating novel before such as this. The humor contained within also had my children looking at me “suspiciously” wondering what was so interesting and emotional. My daughter, who prefers movies over reading books, has decided to read this novel as well. Needless to say, we are eagerly looking for a Part 2 to Speedsuit Powers or at least a movie! Thank you Allen! - Zelda Revell, NY

-The Speedsuit Powers Team-

School Bullying Prevention Help

On 2/23/14, I read a good article from Lancastereaglegazette.com on school bullying prevention advice for parents and students. It was written by Emily Maddern (from CentralOhio.com) and raises some great points: Signs your child is being bullied, Signs your child might be a bully, What students can do, and What parents can do.

You need to read this article if you are interested in the school bullying epidemic happening in this country (and around the world).


Here’s a key question/observation that came to my mind as I read the article:

The article states: “although countless nonprofit organizations and school programs have sprouted up to tackle the issue, it seems bullying is not going away.”

My question is: “Why is bullying not going away?” From observation it would seem bullying hasn’t significantly diminished because the root causes of the bullying equation aren’t being fully addressed. In many cases, schools and communities place a primary focus on tougher anti-bullying laws. While these laws may be helpful, they only serve as external motivators (or deterrents). This type of setup will only work to a point.

However, when motivation moves from external to being intrinsic within the individual, then a successful change lasts longer and is far more reaching to the community in which our young people live. In other words, while creating new laws, let us place an equal (or perhaps greater) focus on creating nurturing environments for ALL of our young people (bullied, bully, bystanders) that enable them to build their character, abilities and relationships.

Part of the bullying solutions equation has to include the development of a person’s self-perspective. When a person has a strong, positive view of self (who they are, their capabilities, how they relate to the world) then they have no need to bully or be manipulative. They also will be less likely to be bullied. But the question is: how do we help our young people achieve a positive empowered view of themselves?


This is something that is addressed in my Speedsuit Powers novels and movie. (Book 1 is already published. Book 2 releases this summer, and my Speedsuit Film is available to watch on Vimeo free for a limited time).

I also published an article last year on my blogs which addresses this issue in greater depth. It’s called Moving Beyond Bullying. Help spread the word. This epidemic can be won. I believe we can find bullying solutions which work for everyone.

-Allen Paul Weaver III-

Watch Speedsuit Movie Free Online

Originally, you could watch my independent film, SPEEDSUIT free online from December 23, 2013 to January 1, 2014. Due to the response, we are leaving the film up for a little while longer!

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Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the movie!

-Speedsuit Powers Team-

Speedsuit Movie Official Music Video

Watch the official music video for the independent film, Speedsuit. The song is performed by Christian King. Lyrics were written by author/filmmaker Allen Weaver. Music composed and arranged by Siepo Sampson/APW3.

Watch it at the top of our Speedsuit Powers homepage or click on the link below to watch directly on Youtube.


-Speedsuit Powers Team-

Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 is Coming

“Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

- Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture, p.79


It has been a long time since Book 1 of the Speedsuit Powers Trilogy released. That was in December of 2009. Since its release, many lives have been positively affected. (Take a look at the Reader Feedback tab). However, to my dismay much opposition has also been encountered.


Apparently, some people have a problem that my book mentions God in a positive light. This became an intense area of focus in 2010 when I was invited to be a Keynote speaker at a secular institution - only to have that invitation revoked mere weeks before the event when someone cried “separation of church and state.”

And after my novel was adapted into an independent film in 2011, and was screened in over 12 private venues in 2012, some members of a school district had a problem that in a film about school bullying, the bullied student eventually chose to stand his ground (while seeking help from friends and adults). And there was also the issue that the cast was almost entirely African American and “didn’t reflect the demographics of the student population.” They used these two reasons as “cause” to cancel a screening for their student population (which has a large proportion of minority students).

It seemed as if every attempt to do something positive for the community was met with opposition from people whose actions indicated that they did not wish for the young people in their care to rise and do well in life. And the greatest opposition came from people who never even bothered to read the novel, watch the film or talk to me directly.


Dealing with these and regular life issues (like losing my job and being unemployed for just over a year while trying to provide for my wife and 2 year old son) caused me to put Speedsuit Powers: Book 2 on hold (after writing about 60 percent of the story). Some time ago though, it dawned on me that since I was writing a story about people who were encountering serious opposition in life and were fighting to overcome their obstacles; it shouldn’t seem strange that opposition was knocking on my door.

Maybe next time I will write a book about a main character who encounters no opposition and for whom everything goes smoothly! …Just kidding… Now I see that opposition merely serves to reveal a person’s level of desire and commitment. Just like the quote from the late Dr. Randy Pausch, which I shared at the top of this post.

So, I am back to finishing up Book 2, and the hope is that you will love it! Get ready for the best summer read of 2014! It is a much bigger story: The opposition is greater and the stakes are higher for Curtis, Treyshawn, Kelly, Omar, Miranda, and Jim. New characters are also introduced who are sure to be just as memorable as the characters you have grown to love from Book 1! Also expect to read aspects of Book 1 from new perspectives as the story digs deeper into the motivations and histories of the characters, while forging forward into the future!

So, purchase Speedsuit Powers: The Powersuit - Book 1 and start reading so you can be ready for BOOK 2. Can’t give you the new title yet… but you will like it. :-) And I will do my best to share updates with you as we get closer to the release date.

My desire and commitment continues to be the same: to create stories that inspire, motivate and educate readers towards their purpose.

Keep pressing forward towards your dreams… even if you encounter opposition. Don’t let opposition make you bitter. Let it make you better.

-Allen Paul Weaver III, Author of the Speedsuit Powers Trilogy

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